Lauren's Bag


Osprey Farpoint 40

Travelon Purse

Mini night Clutch


2 Pair khaki pant (Prana Halle Pant, EMS)

2 Tank tops (Exficio)

2 Tank top with in self bra (Exficcio)

2 T-shirts (icebreaker)

2 Dress T shirt/blows (HM)

2 Zip front hoody (Wild Things, St. Bonaventure Wear)

1 Long sleeve ¼ zip shirt (Columbia)

2 Pair softshell pants (Marmot Scree)

2 Fitted Leggings (Zela, EMS)

1 Lightweight thermal top (Uniqulo)

1 Lightweight thermal bottom (Uniqulo)

1 mid weight fleece pullover (Columbia)

2 Knee length Dresses (Icebreaker, Prana)

1 Cotton serong

1 Neck gater (Icebreaker)

1 Neckerchief

2 Sports Bras (Underarmor, Hainz)

1 Pair swim shorts (Adidas)

5 Pairs of socks (Darn Tough, smartwool, Keen, Icebreaker)

1 Pair of pantiy hose (Marks & Spencers)

9 Pairs of Underwear (3 Icebreaker, 3 Izod, 1 Hainz, 2 whatever)

1 Pair cotton pajama bottoms

1 Cotton pajama T-shirt

1 Pair Mary Jane Flats (Teva)

1 Pair leather walking shoes (Asolo)

1 pair flip flops (Keen)

   Technology / Electronics

1 Cellphone (Sony Z Ultra)

1 pair ear bud head phones

2 USB mini Cellphone cable

1 International wall plugs

1 Watch (Swatch)

1 Travel battery (Anker Powercore+)

1 Headlamp (Black Diamond)


4 Bracelelts

6 Pairs of earrings (4 studs)


2 Travel luggage locks ( Lewis and Clark, Masterlock)

Ear plugs

Journal (various throughout journey)

Rubber (Staedtler)

Eye mask (Bucky)

Travel candle

Mechanical pencil (Pentel Graph Gear 1000 - .5)


1 Elastic travel cloths line


Toothbrush (Poundland)


Benefit Wax Floss (Eurostore)

2 oz Argan body/face oil

30 ml Daily Face Moisturiser (Tea Tree Skincare)

3 oz Rosewater Toner with Tea Tree Oil

3 oz 90% Rubbing Alcohol

1.7 0z Sunscreen 50+ oil free (Uriage eau Thermale Hyséac) 

1 oz Baby Powder (Johnson & Johnson)

1 ozEzcema Lotion (Eucrine)(spell?)

1 oz CVS Petroleum Jelly (make up remover)

1 oz Apricot face scrub (St. Ives)

Ear Swabs

Compact mirror (Dollar Tree)

Wide tooth comb (Dollar Tree)


1 oz Eye drops (Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes)

Contact lenses (Bausch & Lomb 1-A-Day)


Face paint and tools:

1 oz Foundation Powder (Monave, Beverly)

1 oz Concealer Powder (Monave, Beverly)

1 oz Bronzer/Blush/Mixer (Monave, Brandy)

Lipstick (NYX, Licorice)

Lip Stain (100% Pure, Cherry)

Lip Gloss (Yes to Carrots, Red Hot)

Lip Gloss (Burts Bees, Sweet Pink)

Mascara (MUA Volume, Black)

Eye Primer (Urban Decay)

Liquid Eyeliner (MUA, Black)

Eyeliner (Rimmel, Soft Kohl Black)

Eyeliner (Essence, long lasting, Hot Scorch)

Eyeliner (L'Oréal, Extra Intense, Violet)

Eyeliner/Pencil Sharpener (Poundland)

Powder Brush (Ecotools)

Foundation Brush/blender (Prescriptives)

Concealer Brush (CVS)

Blush Brush (CVS)

Eyebrow brush (CVS)

Eyeliner Brush (Ecotools)


Sewing kit (thread & needles)

60 Cranberry pills (Azo & Cystex)

1 Yeast Infection pill (Fluconazole)

90 Probiotic Pills

First Aid Kit (Bandaids, Alcohol wipes, Advil, Paracetamol, TUMS, non-asprin pills) 

1 Lighter

1 Matchbox

2 Tampons

10 Sanitary napkins

Shoe refreshing spray